Dr.Mani’s Think, Write and Retire

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* Dr.Mani’s ebook is no more available.

A few days ago, one of my Facebook friends told me to read this ebook: “Think, Write and Retire by Dr.Mani“. Wow, I though about the usual 25 to 30 pages e-book, instead I got over 190 pages to read!
This text is good for any infopreneur who wants to start or find a way to continue his business at the top levels. He show you the correct steps to take to become famous as a writer of infoproducts, commonly known as informational book writers.
Well, I like it! In fact I’ve read it in less than 4 days!

Consider also the fact which all the profits raised from the sales of this book will go to the DR.Mani’s Children Heart Foundation, a non profit organization that needs to raise funds for children’s heart surgery.
Who is under privileged or have congenital heart defects can count on this foundation, and Dr.Mani uses all the profits from this sale to help the children with problem and in need.

Here is just a chapter’s list:

  • A special message from the Author
  • Foreword by Mark Joyner
  • Welcome to the Wild, Wacky, Wonderful
  • World of Infopreneuring!
  • What Do YOU Know? Brainstorming and Niche Research for Infopreneurs
  • Who WANTS It? Core Principles of Finding HOT Niche Markets
  • How Can You Share Your Knowledge? The Many Ways to Showcase Your Wares
  • How to Show Off: Packaging Your Expertise for Maximum Impact
  • Show Me The Money! Your Infopreneuring
  • Profit Models
  • But How Will People Know About You?
  • Your 30-Day Marketing Blueprint
  • Ramp It Up!: Build Your Infopreneuring into an Information Empire
  • Make This Your New Beginning!
  • So, Are You Ready To Succeed As An Infopreneur?
  • About The Author

As you can see there is much to read, and what I appreciated more is “30 Day Marketing Blueprint”, a section in which Dr.Mani explains how to use the power of blogging with social media and social networks.
This chapter explains well what I’m doing in my blog, but I’ve found some pearls I didn’t was aware of.
Second thing, I liked the chapter “Ramp It Up, Build Your Infopreneuring into an Information Empire” in which Dr.Mani tries to let us think about our infomercial business. He do a lot of examples telling histories narrated in his country.
This demonstrates he put all himself inside this book to be a guide for you. A thing to never forgot is we need to think, analyze and never do things automatically without using brain.

This is a 5 parts teaching. Dr.Mani explains you:

  • How to find secret and profitable niches.
  • How to finally comprehend the real needs of people.
  • How to create informational products to solve people problems.
  • How to automate your business to go automatically, day and night for every month.
  • How to sell a lot of infoproducts ebooks and making high profits.

You will learn how to stop to underestimate your potential, your skills, your abilities. This is not a thing to pass to fast, because your success depends just on that!
I like “Think, Write and Retire” and also the e-book I’ve read, that contains some comments by famous people and a Mark Joyner foreword, because it’s like having Dr.Mani in front of you narrating a story. The story of his success, of his errors that you can avoid to build up your life business!

You can take “Think, Write and Retire” now and get it as an e-book, and help children to solve their heart diseases.

Make Sure Your Earnings Outperform Your Website Hosting Cost

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Guest Post by Tiffany Dow!

Having a website is a way that you can make money online. Some people make money as part time income, some as full time and some as a way to set up a nice retirement nest egg.

Regardless of the reason you have a website, one thing should be glaringly obvious – you want your website hosting cost to be less than your earnings. Otherwise, all you’re doing is spinning your wheels and not bringing in the money you want or need.
You can have a site dedicated to affiliate marketing or info product sales. You might even have a multitude of domains promoting many things. However, it’s extremely costly if you have web hosting that limits the amount of websites you can host using their plans.

While having ten websites might seem like a lot to someone new to affiliate marketing, a seasoned marketer knows website possibilities need to be unlimited. They expect growth and so they look for ways their website hosting costs won’t eat up their profits.
By planning for the future, they choose a company that gives them the ability to have limitless websites through one low fee. Some people are AdSense bloggers. These are bloggers who sign up to let Google put ads on their blogs or websites.

These ads can be in the form of video, images, text, etc. Sometimes people who generate some revenue from their sites think that they must have the biggest, most expensive hosting companies in order to make sure their sites don’t go down because of bandwidth or dependability.

But expensive isn’t always synonymous with the best. You have to weigh the features offered by the hosting company and they’re not all the same. Expensive hosting plans with small bandwidth means you may run into the potential problem of quickly exceeding all of your allotted space.
When that happens, you have to buy a more expensive plan. If you’re not at the point where the income you’re bringing in is more than the expensive hosting, then you’re essentially paying to stay in business.
Information product sellers are people who need a great deal of bandwidth for allowing customers to be able to download products. You’ll need software like shopping carts, download technology, etc.

All of that takes up storage space on your data plan. So you’ll have to look how much data storage is offered with your plan. Aim for at least 500 MB to start with. This will help keep your site from being overwhelmed if your product is in high demand. You don’t want your website hosting cost to be something that impedes your business simply because you picked a plan that didn’t offer you enough room for future growth.