$45,963.70 from Cheapskates

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Maria Gudelis Reviews

Yeah, Maria Gudelis did it again! She released another huge video product, called “$45,963.70 from Cheapskates?“.
This is entirely about WSO’s release, and especially on how to get big money from each one we launch.
She provides a full series of 15 downloadable videos, a mindmap in different file formats, and some case studies. More, she offers a big secret bonus and many updates are on the way.

For just $9.95 I bought it without reading the sales letter 🙂 I know I’m crazy, but Maria product’s quality it’s awesome!
With this course you can discover the secrets of Maria, who sold the $45K in just 2 different WSO launched in last 13 days.
It’s really incredible!

I’ve got many other WSO in the past, related to the same topic of Maria Gudelis, but this “$45,963.70 from Cheapskates?” is really a video course to have at your disposal.
If you take your time to watch all the videos, mindmaps and case studies, your next WSO can get 80% more of earnings.
Why? Because she didn’t take any secret for herself. She showed you his entire secret weapons to grab profits on daily basis!

I generally buy all Maria Gudelis products as soon as they wxit, without watching the price or sales letter, because she provides value. And this is absolutely the best kind of contents you can grab on the entire Warrior Forum (except mine :)).
So grab it until sales are open, and get your dollars doing the adviced tasks.

$45,963.70 from Cheapskates?” is just the best WSO on how to create a winning WSO.
Grab it now, or lose forever!

WP Viral Multiplier. The WordPress Social Frenzy.

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WP Viral Multiplier Review

By a few days there’s a new way for sharing WordPress posts on social, and it’s called WP Viral Multiplier.
This is a brand new plugin created just for sharing your posts on Google +1, Facebook and Twitter as well, to get your articles in a real social frenzy.

The social bar can be customized in every detail, and especially on colors. More, you can put your personal phrase on it! The social bar can be added to the highest part of your WordPress blog, or just in the lower. So people can finally share your blog and your posts on the social networks.
Sure, you need to have good contents to generate a viral effect, but if you are caring about your blog this is the best plugin for the social networks. Absolutely.

I got my WP Viral Multiplier in developer’s version, for just a few dollars more, so I can sell the web 2.0 blogs ready to go on Flippa or anywhere I like. For $17 this is a no brainer, for real!
And the good thing is that the social bar appears just as a part of WordPress!

But think if instead of sharing blog posts, your visitors would share your WordPress selling page, and think about how many sales you can add to your monthly earnings…
This is a good plugin, and for my opinion the best for socializing your WordPress blog, or WordPress sales page.
WP Viral Multiplier is just available on Warrior Forum! Get it!

Monkey Flip, an offline lead machine!

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Monkey Flip Review

If you are like me, and you hate cold calling as much as knocking doors and you hate rejections… Monkey Flip is just for you.
Because it explains how to contact new business in need, in any area with a simple e-mail message.
Let me say I have never seen an offline technique like this before. The idea shown in the 34 is really astonishing, because I’m able to see the opportunity for a lot of money to be made with this.

The Monkey Flip method is good because grab the attention through customized materials.
You are needed to work simply by the use of online tools, free in 95% of cases.
You can choose different ways to do it, also thanks to the 5 ready to customize images you will find in the package, including custom fonts as well!

This technique works for well, because I did something similar here in Italy, but this is perfect and can add value to every offline amrketing campaign you are running right now.
I recommend this product, very easy to comprehend, because it will require just 30 minutes to start. Give just a read to the e-book, customize some templates, and you can send e-mails.
The price is very low, compared to the product you receive.

This is a 100% guaranteed way to make cold hard cash in a simple way. And you can aim to everyone, including dentists, plumbers, doctors, shops, restaurants and so on.
Monkey Flip is the offline product of 2011. Get it or watch the others make cash under your eyes!
Offline marketing works well, try it.

If you want to become a Warrior+Plus Guru, here is the way!

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Every day hundreds of new offers appear on Warrior Forum, but the ones offering something new are just a few.
And this offers are raking up a lot of cash: Yes, thousands of dollars easily.
It’s the incredible thing of Warrior Forum, the best, biggest and well known internet marketing forum.
As you probably know each one of this offers is called WSO, Warrior Special Offer, and you pay $40 to publish it and to get it on first page for just a few hours. Usually no more than half a day.

Yesterday the genious of WSO Jay Boyer, has released a video course on how to launch huge WSO’s with the help of WSO-Plus. It is called “Warrior+Plus Treasure Map“.
This course contains 21 videos and all the knowledge of the millionaire Warrior, able to make over $31K in less than 1 month and half, with over 8,000 new subscribers.

Here is the list of the 21 videos, just to have a course’s panoramic:

  • Video 1: Warrior+Plus Overview
  • Video 2: Your Warrior+Plus Account
  • Video 3: Introduction to WSO Tracker
  • Video 4: WSO Tracker Search
  • Video 5: WSO Alerts
  • Video 6: WSO Product Research
  • Video 7: WSO of the Day Tips
  • Video 8: Warrior+Plus Support
  • Video 9: Your WSO Purchase History
  • Video 10: WSO-Pro Overview
  • Video 11: Approving Affiliates
  • Video 12: WSO Setup
  • Video 13: WSO Pricing Strategies
  • Video 14: Warrior+Plus Analytics
  • Video 15: WSO Upsells
  • Video 16: Processing Refunds
  • Video 17: How to Promote WSOs
  • Video 18: Researching WSOs to Promote
  • Video 19: Affiliate Links
  • Video 20: Last Word on Refunds
  • Video 21: Warrior+Plus Conclusion

As you can see, this is a top quality course to learn all the tips about launching a WSO-Plus, in face he doesn’t tells only about the strict WSO launch, but also about the power of upsells, the big help coming from affiliates, and some notes about promoting other’s WSOs.
This is a long time desired course, because before you can only find this information by yourself, testing and testing again on your own.

The good things about this “Warrior+Plus Treasure Map” is that is good for new and expert sellers, because Jay Boyer is releasing all his secrets to become a winner at WSO+Plus.
And more, if you are not interested in selling your own products on Warrior Forum, he will show you how to make cash with other people’s WSOs as an affiliate.

I’m on Warrior Forum by 2 years and 1 month now, and I saw many WSOs about how to launch your best WSO, but no one of them talked about the additional WSO+Plus, that is the winning factor for my opinion.
This is different, for this reason I wanted to write this review.

Get “Warrior+Plus Treasure Map” before the price raise up, and you can really start making money on the Warrior Forum!

Simple Profit System works or not?

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Simple Spencer and Fuad Tolieb presented just a few minutes ago their newest course: Simple Profit Systems.
The system explains how to make easy $197 checks selling Facebook Pages, but is that system a bad one? One of the many that doesn’t work?
We will discover it in a while… keep reading.

After the download of a 133 MB package, you will find the following:

  • 2 Videos
  • 1 PDF guide
  • A bunch of templates
  • And a secret gem I can’t really reveal…

This is a huge package.
The technique shown in Simple Profit Systems is newest and well thought, and no one presented it before.
So for a few dollars you can get a real working plan to make fast cash. I think you will make at least 3 sales in your first week if you follow the advices and you use their materials.
Simple Spencer WSO’s are simply astonishing, always. And this time he presented another new working technique.

You need to create Facebook Pages for business, but in a different way, more easy and well paid by anyone involved.
As I said you can complete the job with ease, simply using the things provided by Fuad Tolieb and Spencer.
Get it as fast as you can, because the Simple Profit System WSO is limited!

I did my first Facebook App!

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The Mob Job

It’s a lot of time I want to do something relevant in the world of social networks.
And just because I know nothing about programming, and I don’t want to spend a fortune in outsourcing, how the hell I did this Facebook App?
Simple, with a WordPress plugin! Easy, fast, cheap and fabulous!

I created a Facebook App simply using the scripts provided by open games platforms.
And I’m cashing in from the advertising on the Facebook page.
You need just to install WordPress, two minutes by Cpanel with Fantastico, and the “WP Game App” will do the rest.

The WP Game App includes a customized WordPress theme you will never find elsewhere, and all the guides you need to build up your first game, becoming like a Facebook games developer without spending a red cent in outsourcing. This is a big invention by Daniel Keys, and can be bought from Warrior Forum, at this link :

If you want to see my first app, a driving cars game, go to The Mob Job inside Facebook.
You will be able to play and press “Like” if you really enjoyed your play. So more Likes you will get, more your app will become famous, and your earnings go up through the affiliate banners you put up and down the game window.

Try out by yourself, you can made hundreds of games simply copying and pasting some code, and you can flip them reselling your ready apps to third persons.
A good idea! So you can say you became a Facebook App Developer!