The Real Success of Fiverr!

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You have probably tried or at least heard about Fiverr, the new network that permit you to buy and sell services for the cost of $5 each.
Well, incredible but true, this platform had a so fast rising to success that now is getting tens of thousands visitors each day, posting or requesting one of the available micro jobs.
In a world like this, where there are no more ideas, this is a brand new history of success. A strong success.

I watched on how was going, and I was amazed.
Here is a screenshot for you, taken today, the date of this post.

Fiverr on Alexa

As you can see in USA the website is at position 326, while the Alexa traffic rank is 739.
And Alexa reports also that the visitors coming from search engines are only 5%. Incredible!
This is a pure tam tam made by people and visitors of Fiverr, and it’s made on forums, discussion boards, communities and so on.
I personally don’t remember who said me about Fiverr…

Anyway I was able to sell $47 in first two weeks, and I’m happy that I’m helping people in doing things they don’t like.
I’m sharing their links on Facebook and Twitter, I’m sending a newsletter to my contacts about their product, I’m doing JV and co-authorships of new e-books and so on.
So I think it’s a good idea to use the power of Fiverr.

By Fiverr you can also do your job and send to the customer an e-mail containing the links of all your products, so it becomes a new source of advertising for you and for your services.
And you can add a Fiverr customer to your list.
For example I sell a Gig (a new term to define a Job) that permit to a user to have his old blog fresh and automated.
Then I ask them if they desire new blogs for $60, completed by articles.
It’s more easy than what you can think. And it works well.

If you want to take the best guide about Fiverr, here I created one, with tips and tricks and a lot of other stuff.
Obviously it has a special price only for Blog In Da Box readers.

Instant Fiverr Goldrush

Thanks and have a good future on Fiverr!