Offline Vortex released

Posted by Admin | Posted in E-Books | Posted on 01-09-2010


Offline Vortex

Me and John Yeo we have finally put online our latest effort : Offline Vortex.
This is a brand new and never seen offline marketing technique able to let you earn your monthly income.
An huge income to be precise.

We have called it Offline Vortex because when you are able to get your first customers, also the others competitors will want to pay you to do the same job.
I’m talking about shops, the unique places that are not going so good nowadays, because of economy recession.
As I said before this is a brand new and never seen before technique, because you will be the king of the project, and all will works around you.

We dispensed tips and advice on everything, from look, to the useful things to bring, to the methods to build the online site for offline shops.
The key of all are you, no other people in the middle.
That’s why shoppers will follow your newest idea, because they never seen it before !

We invite you to try this system : the unique requirements is that you will need to pass every shop, once after another.
But the good thing is that you will earn your lifetime income.
Why ? Because the amount that shops will pay you is on yearly basis !

Buy your copy of Offline Vortex, there are only 100 available, then our course will be kept out from market forever.
Try it and you can build a huge business using only the morning !