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* The website is no longer available.

Cost Per Action Companies Blog

Just after the sale of, I planned to create another WordPress blog, this time about CPA Networks.
A simple welcome page filled by the latest CPA companies, with a little comment and the votes about their services.
This is “”.

If you are involved in CPA Marketing, or you are simply searching for a list of the best CPA Networks, this website can be an optimal resource.
I’m adding new networks daily, and I always accept suggestion or questions, if you are in doubt about any CPA Network.
You will find a lot of CPA Companies reviewed, so you will never miss a money making network.
They are available in an alphabetical list, if you are searching for a specific term.

“Cost Per Action Companies” is a new project I will flip in a few months, as soon as I will have traffic and a lot of contents.
I will also need to place this blog on the first Google’s page.
I like Blog Flipping, it’s something I can live without…

I hope to be back in a few times with good news about this new CPA Companies blog.
In fact I’m engaged, because I’m adding alphabetically every known CPA Company.
But if you want to give a look and leave a feedback, this is the link : Cost per Action Companies. Blog sold for $400 !

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0 on Flippa

Hi, just to let you know that my Blog Flipping Bootcamp course is something great that really works, I announce I’ve sold my “FamilyMonyeSavings” Blog for $400 on Flippa.
That’s a great sale, with only 3 bids.

I build that blog only as a support to my course, through the 30 videos included, but finally it was a good project.
In fact it was placed on Google’s 4th place for the keyword “family money savings”, on over 89 millions of results.
It’s not difficult to resell a blog on Flippa, but it needs to have a few good points.

1) Good Contents
My blog’s articles were written by experienced article writers that I found on Odesk.
They needs to be unique and never published before.
And about 500 words in lenght.

2) Good SEO
There are many aspects of SEO, but is important to assure that your blog reach a good visibility in search engines, especially Google.
To do this, you can use Backlinks or good Search Engine Optimized contents.
I never used Backlinks, but I got very good articles from my freelancers.

3) Visitors and Traffic
If your site was the best of the world, but doesn’t have any visitor, you will be never able to sell it.
I got many visitors, only for the fact to be placed in the first 5 positions of Google.
That can increase your price.

4) Easy and Keyword Targeted Domain
This is another important factor.
If you choose a domain that people can remember, you have made a good thing.
I always suggest to find a domain based on you blog title.

These 4 easy steps can bring your blog up in search engines.
And it will be easy to resell it on Flippa.

If you want to watch the auctiona and salesletter, here is the link : Family Money Savings Auction

WeNetProfits is a very valuable MLM !

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* WeNetProfits is no longer available.

I was informed by one of my friends about the launch of WeNetProfits, a new arising international MLM company.
I followed his launch and his first month to observe his cycle, his payments and his functionality.
Well, after more than six months from launch, WeNetProfits is growing fast and paying well.

There is people that currently say that WeNetProfits is absolutely the most easy Multi Level Marketing now available.
Better than SFI, better than GDI.
But it was real ?
I checked for you !

A subscription to WeNetProfits can be made in less than 5 minutes, and can be paid through Alertpay, StormPay and Liberty Direct.
To enter you need the name of your referral, otherwise you are not able to enter, so if you want to use mine I will give you one of the best prize now available.
After you enter, you have to decide which lifetime plan choose : you have a Standard, a Silver, a Gold and a Platinum one, to pay only one time for the rest of your lifetime.
I chosen the Silver one for a little more of $120, but you can see their value as soon as you login.

In fact you are brought to your Office, in which you can access your Referral Links, your free E-books and IM products provided for Free and all the rest of your network.
But the best thing of WeNetProfits is that you get all your Money Back as soon as the first people join with your referral link.
Then the second sale is for them, and from the third on you can get a fixed deposit based on your account type.

WeNetProfits is not a scam, is one of the few valuable company that really pay his affiliates on time.
They have a perfect customer care, and strange thing, it’s very easy to get referrals, needing only 1 referral to get back your money.

For this reason, I can only suggest to join it now.
It’s an unbelievable method to make money and enjoy their Office.
Build your downline, and get a lot of money !

As soon as you join, leave a reply here, inserting your Username.
I will send you :

  • My Message Template to raise referrals on Social Networks ($77 Value)
  • A method to get Offline Referrals ($247 Value)
  • A personal Blog about your new business, with your personal link ($397 Value)

WeNetProfits is waiting for you and your friends.
Join Now, before too late !