2010 Super Bowl Ads : what’s the best one?

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2010 Super Bowl Ads

If you followed 2010 Super Bowl, like I did, you have saw so many ads that you probably cannot remember one.
Well, if you paid attention to each of the 2010 Super Bowl Ads, and you written down on paper each ad and how the product was advertised, you have got for sure interesting informations.

Only a few advertising companies are able to build an ad teaser able to enjoy people, with an high skill and professionalism level.
For this reason, if you need to choose creative advertising firms, plan your ads with skilled people.

Yes, in fact you will see how companies are spending huge sums of money on their advertising teasers.
For example, my favorite was Denny’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser.
Why ?
Have you ever seen two talking chicken dancing and talking about the great offer made by Denni’s ?
They announced the Free Grand Slam Breakfast for 9th February in all the Denny’s restaurants, from 6 AM to 2 PM !
And they also were warned by Denny’s Super Bowl Ad to leave the town because the next will be a long-time and difficult egg laying week.

If you want to consider new and old Denny’s Super Bowl’s ad teasers, you can connect to this page, or to Denny’s homepage, and watch all of them.
You will love them, for sure !

8 Must-Have IM Tools

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8 Must-Have Internet Marketing Tools

When you’re building your own plan for your Internet Marketing business, it’s fundamental to save money in case you are on tight budget.
And also if you are rich, it’s always important to avoid throwing money out the window.
Right ?

In this article I decided to describe the best 8 Must Have Internet Marketing Tools.

1) Website Design Tools
In case you want to avoid outsourcing, you have to think about a good website design tool, able to build astonishing websites in no time.
It will be very useful to build yourcontacts-cranking squeeze pages.
I use WYSIWYG Web Builder, available at http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/.

2) Graphic Software
Find graphics for your website and squeeze pages is something that requires many efforts.
But also outsource his creation can be really expensive.
So I suggest to build your own computer graphics through a professional software : there are many of them for all price ranges.
I use Adobe Photoshop Elements, available at : http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopelwin/.

3) Keyword Research Software
To build the perfect splash page and your sales page, what you need to be in first Google positions is a good keyword research software.
It permit you to find the best keyword to put in your text.
I use Keyword Research Pro by Fabian Lim, at http://www.keywordresearchpro.com/.

4) Article Marketing Software
If you like to get advertising through articles, you absolutely need two software or an all-in-one : an Article Spinner and an Article Submitter.
The first simply change your basic article changing selected words with similar ones, the second sends your articles to article directories.
I use only an Article Spinner, called The Best Spinner, at http://thebestspinner.com/, then I prefer to submit articles manually.

5) Social Networks Software
In the latest years, Web 2.0 became a standard.
A lot of Social Networks born and became not only people communities, but also traffic machines.
Social Media Management Tools permit to complete your job in less time.
I use OnlyWire on my blog, to do many sites at once, saving a lot of time : you can get it free at http://onlywire.com/.
For Twitter instead, I recommend to use TweetDeck to manage your postings, at http://www.tweetdeck.com/.
These two apps will help you to cut your times used to complete all your daily jobs.

6) Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the key to drive targeted traffic to your website.
It can be done manually, but you have to learn many things to let it work perfectly.
Sending articles to article directories, getting backlinks from other websites, posting on forums with your own web address, put the keywords in the best place and more…
That’s Search Engine Optimization, but I never use software to do that.

7) Good Domain and Hosting Plan
If you want to run a good Internet Marketing business, what you have to do is choose the best hosting company and a good domain.
I always host on Hostgator, Midphase and JustHost and I never had problems.
They have 24 Hours on 24 Chat to help you in case of problems, MysQL, PHP, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web space.

8 ) Autoresponder
An Autoresponder is what you need to do business.
They are costly, but you can’t live without it.
Through Squeeze Pages and Download Pages, you can catch the buyer or downloader name and e-mail.
I use Getresponse at http://www.getresponse.com, but another good one is Aweber, at http://www.aweber.com.
The others simply don’t work or work not good as these two.

With these 8 must-have internet marketing tools you can develop a great business and build your downline in a few times.
The money will come, if you can provide great websites and make a lot of free advertising, so take your time and get all the software I suggested.
I decided to don’t put my referral links, so you can buy them alone when you have possibility.


Outsource Interview with Ed Victor

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Freelance with Odesk

On this post I want to provide the best interview you can make with oDesk freelancers.
I was searching a good article writer for my new website FamilyMoneySavings.com, and I found an experienced freelancer called Ed Victor and coming from UK.

Alessandro: Hello.
Ed: Hi.
Alessandro: I wanted a writer for my articles.
Ed: Yes, you have come to the right place!
Alessandro: Im from Italy, where are you from?
Ed: Im from UK.
Alessandro: Oh, so you must be able to write good quality articles!
Ed: Absolutely! You can try me. You will not be disappointed.
Alessandro: Do you have any experience?
Ed: Yes, I have done a journalism course, and have a flair for writing from my childhood.
Alessandro: How did you get into this job?
Ed: I had the passion for writing. I wrote many things from childhood. This is the job I was made for. I used to write poems and stories as a child.
Alessandro: Great! You must really love your job then. Do you specialize in any special niche?
Ed: I can write about any niche basically. I am keen to research and add life to whatever I write. I have written content for business websites, and marketing sites etc. I also have a great sense of humor and have written content for humor sites. Besides this, I have done news articles for news magazines and newspapers. I have also written content that has been sold for over $100 per article!
Alessandro: Wow, you would be the right candidate for my job.
Ed: Absolutely!
Alessandro: I will send you a mail regarding my job about Family Money Savings.
Ed: Thanks. I will be waiting to hear from you.
Alessandro: Take care
Ed: You too, and God bless!

As you can see Ed is a kindly people I added to my job contacts, because works fast and it’s very cheaper than other Odesk competitors.
So, if you want to discover how to hire an article writer, a really good one, Ed Victor is a master.

Thanks and Goodbye.