New Juice for GDI with Koala Business

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* Koala Business is no longer available.

Today I want to talk about my newest project, that grab me some days to be built : Koala Business.
This website is a fundamental resource for who is envolved in GDI or want to become a new and fresh affiliate.
Koala Business explain how to start this opportunity with a boost, in fact is a complete guide about what is Global Domains International (GDI) and how to make business with it.

Firstly I put a clear explanation, the most easy I ever seen on the web.
Generally when I ask for a GDI explanation what I received is always an unfinished dialogue about potential, fastly payments, general business examples…
But it’s simple an Hosting company that permit you to resell the .WS domains letting you get money for every sale, month by month for the time a user stay involved.

Secondly I decided to insert the entire story of this society, the unique business of this type and one of the few that can live for more than 10 years getting always hundreds of affiliates daily !

You can get two affiliate commission, one for direct and the second for undirect.
You can build every site you have in mind, but generally people like to create websites to advertise Global Domains International.

On my site you can also find the best Advertising available to advertise Global Domains International the better way : I created two new stunning graphics Banners in 468×60 that you can use for free. Next will come ready to send e-mail and blog posts.

Another important resource is about how to advertise GDI with free websites, full of potentially unknown websites that will make the difference.
You will find also my personal e-mail to ask any information you want about this system and about my site (also if you want a new one with similar personalized contents.

Easy to comprehend and powerful to use it will become a successful business : Koala Business is your latest resource to won the GDI battle
Thanks and Goodbye !

Authority Blueprint X Review

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Authority Blueprint X

I’m always searching for good and working affiliate marketing systems, and I could give you a long list of the products I’ve bought and tried over the last two years.
Most could be considered scams, some have a greatest unexpresend potential, while a little of them are exceptional.

Authority Blueprint X is one of those exceptional systems that can appear as one of another reviewing site blueprint, but if you will find the time required to follow the entire course you’ll be surprised by what you will learn. At the release I was simply evaluating if giving it a try, but after a careful test I decided to give it a shot, also because my Blog In Da Box is based on reviews.

Authority Blueprint X appear as one of the most comprehensive step by step guide related to affiliate marketing : his function is to teach you the detailed ways to build a Review Site able to generate a hordes of traffic to your site, bringing in many sales.
If you’ve been on internet marketing for many time you sure know that traffic is the living part of every website, because if you cannot have enough traffic it’s pretty impossible to make sales.

This phenomenal Blueprint explain how to build the perfect site to explode your sales ina few days, whichever niche product are you sponsoring.
This makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it.
Buyers like to look out for recommendations or advices when thinking about the purchase of a specifical product, and most love to hear recommendations made by great reviewer’s websites.

The plug and play aspect of Authority Blueprint X comes in the form of a WordPress Theme template, which you can simply upload and modify as you like.
This templte was made to build your review site in a breeze, without any efforts on programming.

In this special and never-seen course you will also find some Videos as a gift, that will be a great explanation on how to make your first Review site with easy and unforgivable steps.
So what’s the terrible price for this unbelievable Course ? Discover it !

Click here : Authority Blueprint X

How to Write your own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page ?

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How to build Lead Pulling Squeeze Pages

Today Robert Puddy just released a brilliant new report named “How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page“.

It’s a 15 page report fullfilled on details on how to gain not just a subscriber but how to monetize the free process of list building.
Robert will also give you the 4 prebuilt Web Pages he used to monetize his list building and build also a list of money in hand buyers.

The better thing is that buying your copy you also become an instant affiliate getting 100% commissions on sales staright into your Paypal account if you decide to resell the product on your way.
In this way with just only 1 sale you have fully paid your product, and from the selling number 2 you are abolutely in profit !
If instead you are a smart marketer and you want to fully rebrand this report with your personal affiliate details, you have the possibility to buy also this option for nuts.

The contents are very useful, and the chapter’s list is :

  • Introduction to Squeeze Pages
  • The Squeeze Page System
  • What You Need Before Starting
  • Planning Your Squeeze Page Theme
  • How to Write a Squeeze Page that Converts
  • Tips on Increasing Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rate
  • Driving Targeted Traffic into Your Squeeze Page
  • About the Squeeze Page Templates
  • Recommended Resources

You will receive also a lot of Ebooks bonuses, related to Internet Marketing and really precious.
And naturally Robert Puddy is not the first user… is a master of List Building and the connected tactics, so your money are always well spent.

The price ? Only 7$ for a complete Squeeze Pages Building tactic, plus 5 Templates, plus a lot of bonuses and 100% Resale Rights !

Take a look to see how powerful is How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Page !

A Special Blogging Course – Part 3 of 3

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Hi, finally we arrived at 6th Day of the Blogging Course, and it’s time to make a conclusion to permit you to become a serious Blogger (with capital B).
So it’s arrived from John Yeo‘s desktop the third guide that complete all the steps to put a blog on work to make money.

The contents will be the easiest of the entire course : only 3 pages, dedicated to “Fire Up Your Blog with PLR Content : 6 Attractive Benefits & 12 Creative Ideas to Get You Started”.
Well, the pages are completely related on how to find good content to keep the website alive day by day and took people’s attention and simply on how to write a good content and make your personal PLR Articles.

With the resource indicated you can really prepare for your first blog and finally you have no more to ask : how to make a blog…, what I’m missing in my blog…, or Blogging can be a good way for a good income…
It’s your time !

Thanks for following my three posts, I hope you will be grateful for this gift.
So all my secrets are almost reviewed… Almost because you are missing Bloggers Paycheck by John Yeo !
Goodbye and See You Soon,

Here is the link for the final download

Download your Third and Last Report !

A Special Blogging Course – Part 2 of 3

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After the first part of John Yeo’s Blogging Course I put at your disposition, I will post the second part.
This time we enter the Blogging in a real dimension, trying to learn if make a Blog it’s our correct decision and about how to create a new one, inserting all the special components that make a blog really successful and seen by hordes of visitors.

Here are the sections included :

  • Is Blogging the Best for You ?
  • Niche Researches
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Blog Themes
  • How to Write a Blog Post
  • Get Your Blog On Google (Basic SEO)
  • 5 Most Common WordPress Plugins
  • 5 Blog Traffic Quick Tips
  • Money Making Methods
  • Conclusion notes

Every section is completed by clear sub-sections that will make clear every doubt that you can have.
This a golden ebook, I’m not joking about it.
If you want to grow your business with one or more Blogs, you have to collect the 3 John Yeo‘s ebooks.

Here is your download link.

Download your Second Report !

A Special Blogging Course – Part 1 of 3

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Dear visitors and followers, in these day I thought to provide you an easy to read Blogging Course.
And just two days ago John Yeo, my menthor, contacted me to say that he prepared a fresh mini course separated in 3 Reports.
That’s luck !

The Blogging Course is well written from basic to provide you all the necessari task to start a Blog and make Profits from it.
The section of the first report are the following :

  • How you can earn money by blogging
  • What is a Blog
  • Type of Blogs
  • Choice of blogging platforms
  • Parts of a blog
  • A passionate subject you can write about
  • Start making money from your blog
  • A faster way to get more sites to link you
  • How to track your coming traffic
  • Final thoughts and what to do next

So here you can download this free first part of Blogging Course.
I will always avalaible at my e-mail (that you can find on About page) to answer any questions you may have.
The second two guides will come next to this one, so stay tuned on the pages of Blog In Da Box !

Download your Report !

VideoTube Scheduler Pro Review

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* This Product is not yet available!

Today VideoTube Scheduler Pro was released by Adeel Chowdhry and Ian Del Carmen, so I took my copy and I try to review it as my best.

This program is useful because save your time : in fact it prepare for you your favourite Youtube Videos to be seen in your preferred moments, or beetween one working session and another.
You don’t have to loose any more time reseaching the videos you like, because VideoTube Scheduler will make it for you.
So this software download the video and you can choose when to see them.

The software you will download is large about 560 kb, so it’s powerful but even smaller !
After a speedy installation you can open the software and you can see four icons : one to play the recorded videos, one to play the found video, the third to record the video at your favourite time and the latest to add your favourite keywords for research.
Please remember to add this program at your firewall or it doesn’t display nothing !

VideoTube Scheduler Pro can cut the times spent on Youtube to search videos, just because this software makes all the work for you, proposing just the best quality avalaible videos.
And the names of the creators are also a guarantee !
So you can work more or spend the saved time in other things you like, because Youtube will become your personal Video Recorder, and you can view your videos just when you have time.

So, I recommend you to give a try to this software for the special price of 4.95$, less than a magazine cost.
You will never leave this software close, it’s so useful !

by Alessandro

PLR Article Pro, a new way to valorize your articles.

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From the mind of Mike Steup, one of the most productive internet marketers, is born PLR Article Pro, a new software able to transform your PLR Articles in a complete website, displaying your Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank ads.
How many time is required to build this type of website ? No more than 5 minutes (on Steup’s website is reported 2 minutes).

This software come in two versions : the first is Basic, and you get the software, 900 PLR Articles ready to go (36 topics with 25 articles each), Random Home Page Script (capable of let your site change the home page with one of the PLR you have added automatically), a Random Cross Linker script (useful to link randomly one of your pages to others) and a Search Phrase Customizer (allow you to let user find any phrase searched in search engineas to appear where you want on your pages).
This package comes for only 29.95$ in Basic Version but gives you an imponent help to build your personal valued article pages.

At the order page are displayed two different options : one to order the package as I described and one another to buy the Gold Version, powered by a boost of new options, like the following :

1) Random Snippets : these are used to make your web page unique, because little parts of any article are taken out and posted on other pages, making every site different also if using the same PLR Articles.
2) Affiliate Link Injection : this voice is one of my favourites just because permit you to add clickable links into your PLR Article text !
3) 1800 PLR Articles : that’s double of original gift, 72 niche covered by 25 PLR Articles each ! So you are ready to build a minimum of 72 websites !

This powerful version is offered at 47$, a special introductory price for what is offered !

I like this program essentially because it’s speedy to load and powerful as a suite to use.
With a few articles you can build a SEO Optimized website that can give you also an income through the Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank Ads posted, giving also to your visitors what they are just searching for.

An example of a website built with this software is Belgian Chocolate.
Here you can find all the privileges of Gold Version in action.

As a gift for reading this PLR Article Pro review, let me gift you with 100 PLR Articles, clicking just here : 100 PLR Articles for You !

Thanks and goodbye !