48-Hour Profit Plan is ready and released !

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* This product is not yet available!

Ian Del Carmen and Tim Whiston have just released from about four days a proven system to learn how to make money online in no more than 48 hours : 48 Hour Profit Plan.
Well, this is only a simple phrase that delivers to visitors the idea that’s easy to build the right product and start to have first customers in 2 days : but two full time days, without sleeping, eating and going to bath 🙂

You need to take your time, as any product you can find online.
The price of 48-Hour Profit Plan is very convenient because for only $10.00 you receive 14 mini ebooks and a series of 15 videos with the mp3 version for your mp3 reader.

After reading than seeing all the documents and videos, I can say you that’s an easy business guide to learn how to develop a real personal business on marketing your personal product (this can be a report, an ebook, an audio lesson on something, or simple a well defined e-course).
The authors, dimostrating all their high quality methods, choose to don’t give you any phenomenal income sample.

The work contained into 48 Hour Profit Plan is separated in four learning phases : the first about researching, the second is on development and third and fourth are completely devoted to launch then promotion.
The ebooks are clear and easy to read, and the videos are in Mp4 format, visible with Quicktime or any other software supporting .mp4 files.
On my pc videos and mp3 are registered with a very low audio, but this can be a personal problem of my pc, that plays well every sound until I bough this profit plan 🙂

Every aspect is checked by the authors, and I can express all my gratitude to them, because they made an astonishing work for a low price, but I have to advise you that this products is made for newbies and not so much experienced users.
If you are a webmaster or an experienced marketer, this 48-Hour Profit Plan is not for you.
A Ticket style Help-Desk is also available for any question you can have.

My final vote is 9/10.

Twitter and his hidden secrets

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* This Product is not yet available

Thinking to know all about the Twitter social network can be one of the most wrong ideas you can have.
In fact yesterday my friend John Yeo, author of Blogger’s Paycheck, sent me a link about the new work of Ammar Zahar, Twitter for Cash report (I’m also convinced is a book, not a report, with over 50 pages of interesting content !).

Well, you can just download a sample copy of the first chapters for free, but for only 1.00 $ he gives you the complete version containing all the contents (never seen for me) to become a King of Twitter and use it for advertising proposals without being banned and not cut out by other member’s lists.

I recommend highly that report, to know how a simple Web 2.0 site can become one of the first source of income for you and also one place in which become famous and getting free traffic.
The methods included are very simple to put in action and will give you results in less time of what you are thinking.

If you want check what I’m just saying, visit Twitter for Cash website!
And if you want to check my Twitter profile, click to http://twitter.com/puck82

Thanks and Goodbye,

The Adwords Manifesto was finally released… Yeah !

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If you are really tired to view every day a new released book about AdSense, stay quiet please.
This is about Adwords 🙂

This ebook is in progress from 2008 by the hands of Michael Jones, and is about how to make a day-dream campaign on Adwords, the well known and most used method to display worldwide Ads.
It’s not one of the 30 pages handbook released, like a mix and re-editing of the instructions contained on the website, but a proven method to make money through a single campaign, making you able to choose only the best keywords and leave the unnecessary ones.

Into this over 160 pages ebook you can find also 4 brilliant Ad formats and 9 exclusive eye catching titles, to grab in no time the attention of the people searching for Adwords help.
You will learn also how to avoid common errors on planning an Adwords Campaign at best and also how to kee your money in your wallet insteat to throw it away in low-quality campaigns, making many efforts for nothing.
Also I made some special (I thought so) campaigns into the italian market for my mother’s shop, but only reading this book I know I have been like a complete donkey on Adwords strategies.
But I said “I have been”, just because from today my own strategy beyond the Google Adwords is totally changed, after reading the first 35-40 pages of Adwords Manifesto.

For example some pages, very useful for me, are detailed about the using of Splash Pages to deliver traffic to your desired pages, giving you the baddest word to avoid inside it and the best strategies to build a better one, and also fundamental tips to keep up your campaign without loosing the interest of your ads followers.

If you read the sell page you can find important and detailed information on what is included inside this book, but also how this work is complete and detailed, so much that also Google can use it as online help for his members!
So I can openly recommend The Adwords Manifesto like the number 1 resource about your loved-hated ad launcher.

It’s sold, only for the first 500 copies, to more than 50% off : don’t think too much if take it or not, because the valour of this publication is unlimited, really.
The link is the following : The Adwords Manifesto.

How I met Alvin Phang ? And how he driven me to make a new Blog ?

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Alvin Phang is a master blogger from Singapore, author of the well-known blog named Gather Success.
I received his biggest and famous Atomic Blogging 2.0 ebook just at Biggest Firesale, a master event in which you were receiving a lot of high-quality items, happened about two months ago.
I started reading his e-book as never before, because it was catching from the first page and easy to put in action, so much that I put it on my portable Ebook Reader.

So, as a complete beginner in blogging, I took my courage and I started a blog that’s giving me much satisfactions, because of the readers and the income.
In fact his guide is a step by step walk into the misterious and difficulty world of WordPress blogging and his straight configuration, coming to monetization.
Every aspect is followed, from the best Plugins to the best Template to use, full of tips and advices about the best choose to made to become a King of the Bloggers, not just a simple blog writer.

So, if you want to made a blog of the same (or better) quality I reccomend you to jump to his website and get a copy of the newest Atomic Blogging 3.0, just buying the 2.0 copy until the end of February 2009.
I recommend also , after buying your personal copy, to follow his blog every week to find new reviews and news.

Thanks and Goodbye by

Super List Explode review

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Super List Explode

Today was released a brand new website named Super List Explode.
This is an Email List Builder capable of build your own contact list to advertise your site or your products.

Yes, but how ? That’s simply, more simply than what I thought.
You have to view daily at least 5 advertisements made by other members and you will receive in your downline all the subscribers which have joined that same day ; if instead you have no time to check every day these Member’s offers you can find 1 referral to have the same advantage to receive all the daily subscription under your list.

This program is totally free and without any membership to join (probably that’s the first time in my life in which I don’t receive any Special Offer to becoma Gold, Pro or Super :)) : in fact the unique offer you will receive after joining will be an Affiliate Builder Package composed by 20 Random Referrals, just to stat with a good downline with a price of 47$ (a little too much for my opinion, because the members you will receive can also use not this program at all).
So I reccomend to jon it free and stay a free member.

If you want to check this attractive mail list builder you can click on this text line.


Do you want 19.530 Twitter members to follow you ?

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I just found a new site called Tweeter Getter, that provide a great project, completely free for you.
It’s an automatic way to get thousands of new Twitter followers straight to your account, starting gradually to finish in only 1 month.
I just started but I also verified that I’m not receiving so much people… Here you can visit my Twitter account.

I think I’m receiving not much than 3 people a day… and sometimes they are contact I added to my list some days before or add me randomly to their profiles, so if I have to give a vote will be only 4 on 10.
The unique people is getting 19530 Twitters is the administrator of this program, for sure.

Twitter act like a real list, so I recommend to join it, but I tell you to forgot this program, that anyway can be seen at this link :

TWEETER GETTER (Link is no more available)

Thanks and Goodbye !


My Valentine’s Gift !

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For Valentine’s Day I want to make a free gift to all my readers.
It’s the e-book Valentine Ideas, a source of projects to live this special day in a new and lovable way.
I hope you will like it ! And if you can, post a message in “Comments”.

Valentine Ideas

Download here !

Your EZ Ads just opened. Let me explain…

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Firstly I need to inform you that this article it’s a preview, because the website will open only on 17th February 2009.
Your EZ Ads is a system based on free Text Ads advertising, avalaible for all the people that require traffic to their links in no time and without efforts.
A new idea from Frank Salinas, the creator of many online resources, like Easy PDF Maker and Exit Profits Generator, like you can see on his personal Blog.

You will receive credits clicking on the ads posted by other members, so you can let other people to view your advertising more often.
But if you have no time to login every day to check newly added Ads you can see through the daily e-mail you will receive, that contain 10 random Text Ads ready to click.

Now you can join with an extra discount to the Platinum membership for only 11.00 $ (with a discount of 56$ until release).

I think that this website is a boosted Text Ads Exchange, because I never seen the capabilities before, and keep in mind that you are knowing it before…
So you are not permitted to advertise YOur EZ Ads until the official opening, it’s only a suggestion I give to my specific readers.
But keep your referral link ready because it will be an explosive website.

If you think to like this type of websites please visit this link !

Have you ever joined a Grid Matrix ?

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* No one of the Services advised is yet online.

Some days ago I was just looking for new mails and I found an incoming message from the Admin of Matrix Reversal, one of the best matrix I ever joined.
It was about a new website, a new Matrix with Referral Grid : what does it mean ? (I immediately thought).

Well, when one of the members found a new referral, 8 other members on that grid are paid also if they have no referrals at all in their downline.
That’s because when you join you will be added to the grid that you can find on homepage.
If one of the members on table get a referral, he or she got 1.00$ and he will be re-added free to the grid on a new positions : after that other 8 members will be paid (0.50$ and 0.25$) !
This is a scheme that changes everytime, as you can see in Stop n’Swap home page.
Here I post an image of one of the seven schemes :

One of the 7 avalaible payment schemes !

My first impression about Stop N Swap is very good, because I have been paid just in my first day, without geting any referral and without advertising my link and my splash page.
I got three payment : one of 0.50$ and two of 0.25 for a total of 1$.
You can request a payment when you arrive to 3.00$ objective, and I assure that’s easy.
Yes, I know you can’t make a living if you haven’t a good list to send your referral link, but you can take your satisfactions anyway, in a fresh and different way.

Do you want a Valentine Surprise of Templates ?

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* Templates are not yet available!

Get your Valentine's Day Templates !

If you are searching for some good templates just for the arrive of Valentine’s Day you have found the better place.
In the package I’m just presenting infact there are 5 astonishing Minisite Templates and 5 Themes for WordPress, just to build a fashionable website or give a boost to your blog.
Included into the package there are also 10 beautiful Affiliate Banners and tens of graphics to enrich your website.

Valentine’s Day is the most loved festivity by international lovers and fall every year on 14th February, so you are in time to prepare a good site ready to get a lot of traffic.
I just bought some days ago this Valentine Surprise for 27$ with Master Resale Rights, and now I’m just reselling it for 5$ for Personal Use Only and 10$ for the MRR Version, including the reseller’s site ready to publish.

That’s an Unbeatable Discount for my readers !
Give a look to Valentine Surprise here !