No Brain Cash and his Top Ten Ways to Make Money

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Just today was launched No Brain Cash, a new ebook by the Internet Marketer Stuart Stirling.
It’s a series of 3 books regarding the easiest ways to make money online, avalaible not only for advanced users but also for unexperienced newbies.

The methods explained are 10, all with the objective to let you making money online and are presented from the low difficulty level to high level.
Some of the easiest methods include things like Paid Online Surveys, Selling Ebooks on eBay with a newest style, starting to become a Freelance Writer to advanced methods such as Bum marketing and Viral Video Marketing.

These methods are not simply easy, but neither require a website or any money to start up.
Other methods instead can be more effectively with extra tools and equipment that can cost some dollars to you, but Stuart Stirling makes sure that any people, with or without any amount of money, can start into the Making Money theme.

Stuart isn’t not only doing a great job explaining how to do every method in details like an expert, but he assure to you a ready made step-by-step instructions and advanced tips and tricks to increase your earnings.
And the best thing is that he lists the pros and cons of every method presented, so you can know what you can expect before starting.

The final price of No Brain Cash is starting from the lowest introductory price of 17$.
But from Friday February 6th, the price will raise up to 27$.
At such a so low introductory price, it’s really a complete “no-brainer” to get this guide if you are trying to find the best ways to make money online.

So don’t loose any time and download this ebook here !

Are you sure Phases of Wealth is only a new Matrix ?

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* Phases of Wealth is not yet available

Phases of Wealth is not only a simple 3×2 Matrix : it have a boost.
Only 3 phases are required to make a complete cycle and earn until 5000$ :

1) Firstly you have to join paying the 45$ One Time Fee without any other recurring payment, then you can earn 15$ for every referral you bring in.

2) When you complete the first cycle with 12 people you are done, and you will earn 300$ and 200$ for every personal referral that made the same.

3)The third phase instead will be completed when you will reach the goal of 36 people in your matrix : in this case you will make 5000$, and you will get paid 1000$ for each referral that complete this difficult step.
When you have completed this task you will re-enter tha matrix from 0 under your Upline, and you can complete another full cycle.

If you are lucky you can get some spillovers from Phases of Wealth. so you can find referrals without any effort.
If you are attracted by this cycle matrix you can also join and stay free to evaluate his functions, and upgrade whenever you can.

I think that Phases of Wealth is a little too expensive to join, because you get no bonus at all and you pay only for the matrix entering.
If you have difficult to find new referrals and you haven’t a big list to send this new opportunity I suggest you to pass over and start with easy and economical matrix like Easy $3 Matrix System for example.

BlogInDaBox is on Squidoo ! And other info…

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Two days ago I completed my first Squidoo Lens that I published at :
I hope you want to visit it and vote…
But I want also to let you know why Squidoo can be so useful as a source of visitors.

What is Squidoo ?
Squidoo is essentially a free and trusted source of quality traffic, because you will never pay for your advertising.
For example Google list the Squidoo lenses fastly because in one month, only in USA, were made more than 49% of the total amount of 7 Billion searches : so the king of the search engines really like Squidoo, because it drives a lot of users to find lenses.
And so, if you decide to talk about one of most searched topics (applying the correct keywords) you can also have one of the most searched lens.

And now the three first unforgivable rules to get more possibilities to build officially one of the “Most Clicked Lens” :

1) Choose the best name for your new Lens
Choosing a correct lens name can be very difficult because you have to keep in mind the following rules.
The Keyword about the niche are you writing about has to be included in your Lens title.
And then you can post other connected keywords separating them with “-” simbol.
Keep in mind that your title need to be more easy to remember as possible, so don’t think about too long and difficult words.

2) Think about 10 good Keywords
On your Lens setup you are invited to choose some Tags for your lens.
This Tags are simply keywords that need to be strictly related to your lens topic : so you have to avoid too general terms and find specific words that can easily searched by people interested on your same niche.
Don’t add too many Tags or you can be kicked out by Squidoo in case you have more than 20 of them.

3) Complete your Profile
The most important thing when you have put up the basics of your Lens is to complete your profile’s informations.
Infact this one needs to be adjusted to let you appear as a king of your niche or as an expert of the topic are you talking about.
Adding a photo is mandatory to let people keep your image in their mind for future references on other platforms.

In the next post you will learn how to continue this new adventure in Squidoo adding new great contents, like Flickr photos, Youtube videos, eBay and Amazon products, Rss feedds from your blogs and a lot of others items that can power your Lens to maximum levels.

5 Important Rules in Website Design

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When itís time to build up your website, itís important to pay attention to every single detail, to check if it serve its purpose or itís failing in something.
The following 5 steps are very useful to be sure the website is ready also for the most hard to please people.

1) Avoid Splash and Welcome Pages

Splash or Intro pages are the first thing you can see when you digit a website address. They are normally a very beautiful image with a few words like “Welcome toÖ” or “Click here to enter”.
In fact, they are only a strict link without purpose to connect you to the effective pages of the site.
Do not let your visitors have a reason to exit your site without giving a look to the contents ! Give them immediately the value of your website just in front without any splash page.
Essentially these Intro Pages are good only for Traffic Exchanges, Text Ads Exchanges or Safelist.

2) Use less Advertisements as possible

Nowadays also beginners and newbies are able to pass over ads and banners, so if your website is full of ads is better to remove some of them and leave only some Adwords, BidVertiser or the newest Ad Click Media for example, that can be personalized with the same look of your pages.
You have to let your visitor view as much content as possible, hiding your Affiliate Links on your texts, so they are not pushed to buy, but they can choose what and when buy .

3) Have a Clear and Easy Navigation

Your site have to provide a simple and effective menu to inform users on what they can find on your pages as fast as possible.
Itís important to avoid Flash and Dropdown menus, because if your visitor don’t know how to reach a specific area, he will leave without thinking too much.

4) Have a Sub-Menu indication on your pages

When your visitors are engaged in browsing, you have to be sure they know in which part of the website they.
So they will be able to change section or come back to home page in a second, without losing time.
Itís important to give a straight clue because itís too easy to close your windowÖ

5) Avoid using Automatic Audio on your site

How many times are you irritated by websites that start to play high-volume audio, specially on night when your parents are sleeping or when you are at office ?
So you can understand how itís important to avoid any automatic sound when people reach your homepage.
If you want a tip, you can place a apposite little box in which you can find the play, pause and stop button with ByoAudio.

These are only simple advices that can help your visitors to keep your site in their bookmarks instead on sending it to trash.
More other tips can be usefulÖ stay tuned.

How to choose a good Hosting

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After you have thought on your best personal domain to register, you are in front of a big question mark : which is the best hosting provider to choose ?
This is a lucky time for worldwide customers because of many competitors offering a good plan to host your website.

I think you have to consider some key points before, that can help you to achieve best results at a good price, avoiding completely problems and downtimes :

  • 1) You have to be sure you choose an international and really trusted web hosting company.
    Some of the most reliable and competitive are the following :
    Midphase Ė Site5 Ė iPower
    Sometimes they make incredible special offers, and you can take an unforgivable plan for the same price of a normal one.
  • 2) Prefer a website hosting that offer a cPanel hosting or a Fantastico hosting, because this two systems give you a lot of useful options to apply to your site, specially if you are trying to build
    effective website like blogs.
    Assure to get compatibility with MySql and Php, useful to made more functional site with special scripts like Joomla or something else e-commerce related.
  • 3) Choose a plan with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.
    If you make a website with great traffic and more contents these two voices will become your daily nightmare, so act before this happen.
  • 4) Check if a good support Help Desk is avalaible, best if 24:7 (always active) because in case of errors or problems you are in trouble with poor hostings.
    The most powerful one I used was absolutely the Site5 one, followed by the Midphase one.
    If you will choose one of the hosting companies I suggested you will never have to become mad to receive a fast answer to your questions.

Before making your final decision please think about the value of your project and then check all the offers made by each one of the Hosting Companies before act and signing up.
Visit more forums and Internet Marketing Gurus blogs to check which host is the most recommended.
If you will find a good domain name followed by perfect hosting you will avoid any future problem.

Easy PDF Maker make it simple

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This morning I received through e-mail a new announcement related to a new software capable of creating powerful PDFs files.
So I bought it and I’m ready to review it for you !
Just the time to download it… done !

Its name is Easy PDF Maker.
If you are like me you probably have downloaded or bought tons of PLR products, now hiding on many folders and zip files.
Well… don’t preoccupate because Easy Pdf Maker is here to help you in many ways.

  1. It’s a complete PDF writing and editing software (and very small in size!).
  2. You can Password Protect your work.
  3. You have ability to Disable Printing.
  4. It’s easy to save your ebooks in .doc, .rtf, .txt and html format.
  5. Add your links.
  6. Backup all your works like ebooks and reports with a click of mouse.
  7. Insert images.

Plus, you can use a good Time Management utility to plan your days and also organize your ebooks, reports, notes, articles as you like.
Make a Report from Zero or build an Ebook step by step is not a problem with Easy Pdf Maker.
You will not

I said you can also make Reports because inside the zip file of the software you will find also a free 56 pages ebook titled “How to create killer reports” .
So you will buy a never-seen software, easy and complete at the same time , to make your personal PDF without efforts and a great resource to start from the basics its included.

I had bought many products and membership from Frank Salinas, and his name says it all.


Micro Niche Finder is your First-Step in Marketing Guerrilla

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Micro Niche Finder,  an unbelievable toolkit.

Some days ago was released the new and powerful version of Micro Niche Finder (version 4.0.13) by James Jones : thatís a great piece of software that permit you to uncover hot new or not completely overlooked Niche Markets.


With Micro Niche Finder you can :
1) Find most profitable Affiliate Programs related to your niche marketing keywords.
2) Visualize the Strength of Competition (SOC) for each different keyword.
3) Use Search Manager that gives you the possibility to access all of your old searches.
4) Save and Organize all of your searches and view them also offline and in Excel format.
5) Use the newest Brainstorm Tool to find niche that you donít know are existing !
6) All the Searches are just automatically alphabetized then indexed.
7) Software automatically updated and restarted, without hassle.

If you are just trying to create newest income streams, Micro Niche Finder can just :
1) Create Adsense Content Pages ready-to-use.
2) Create Articles to advertise your Affiliate programs.
3) Create Ebay Feeder Pages and make money if a new person register to eBay.
4) Create Squidoo Lenses and them claim profits generated by visits.
5) Find fresh & unregistered Domain Names based on greatest keywords.


And donít forget that you will receive also 3 great ebooks, one related to Squidoo, one to Ebay and the latest one to PLRs and the access to online software to create Adsense content pages with desired colors and theme.

This is one of the most working software for one of the lowest prices avalaible.
I like it also for his graphics and functionalities, that made this software even more easy for any new time you work with.
There is also a useful Support Forum, a detailed Manual and some videos to see how the program works before buy it.
The author James Jones was always avalaible through e-mail for any question you may have about Micro Niche Finder.
Donít think too much about it, because you will save your money on future fluffy ebooks and you will start earning your money and commissions from the web, forgetting also search engines at all.